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High Q Systems was created early in 2011. The company is supporting European space industry, together with the various programmes and facilities set up to promote the space community within the UK. The company specialises in satellite system consultancy, supporting space prime contractors and their suppliers to produce the best communications and broadcast systems in space. This takes the form of specialist satellite communications system design expertise, engineering and project management, new space business development and business management. The company also assists communication satellite end-customers to monitor satellite system design, manufacture and test at Prime contractor facilities.

The company also undertakes hardware technology development. Taking fundamental design concepts - often invented within the space industry, it is commercialising concepts to produce the advanced terrestrial products of tomorrow. Collaborating with leading researchers, component manufacturers and subject specialists, High Q Systems staff are bringing their technical experience and commercial awareness to form small, high-performance product delivery teams to address some of the world’s needs for next-generation commercial systems.

Satellite Payload Consultancy

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