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What people say about our staff

  • Roger has a good business head and leadership skills. He is trustworthy, and can tailor his approach to his tasks commensurate with the strategic needs of the business.
    Head of Payload Engineering

  • [Roger] is very personable and has the ability to open doors at the highest levels, breaking complex concepts into bite-size, actionable chunks that are always well received whilst listening attentively to customer requirements.
    Business Development Manager

  • Roger impressed me with his technical knowledge of communications engineering, his interpersonal skills working seamlessly amongst colourful personalities, and his gravitas and diplomacy in front of customers and stakeholders.
    Space Engineering Manager

  • Roger is a highly competent engineer, with extensive knowledge and experience of communications systems. This enables Roger to work effectively and flexibly across the engineering value chain.
    Head of Payload Engineering

  • I have no hesitation in recommending Roger's capabilities as a technical expert and as an experienced space engineering or project manager.
    Space Product Manager

Satellite Payload Consultancy

With many years of experience in the space sector, High Q is providing support to a range of space projects. With specialist skills in satellite communications and broadcast, including monitoring of satellite payload manufacture, integration, test and deployment, the company is ensuring that its clients achieve the maximum, consistent and long-term return for their investment in advanced satellite communications system.

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Technology Development

We are working to create new commercial products from exciting space hardware concepts. Working with only the best industrial and academic collaborators, we are applying the techniques developed for space deployment and using them to solve real-world applications challenges. We are leading specialist teams that are developing the hi-tech hardware solutions of tomorrow.

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Collaborative Space Projects

Having extensive experience of working with and leading effective space project teams, collaboration is part of our nature. Creating opportunities to work together is our ethos, in space work and elsewhere. Proactive involvement, enabling the best to be gained from every project partner's strengths, we are creating space community opportunities for ourselves and our partners. Forging a path to success through collaboration, networking and sharing ideals.

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About High Q Systems

High Q Systems, from its business base at the Harwell Campus in Oxfordshire will be doing its part to take advantage of the technologies that are being generated on-site. Many of these are world-leading products in the making. Many can be commercialised to catalyse the technical and commercial expertise of the scientists and engineers that work on the site into successful wealth-generating space and space-based products.

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